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"I wanted to drop a note to tell you that the vest arrived and is to order. I have used it a couple times now and done quite a bit of training in it and I must say I am very happy. The team takes their vests off and complain about their shoulders hurting from the straps. I keep laughing because I don't have that problem. I think two guys are planning on ordering carriers...  Keep up the good work."
-- "M"

"I am completely satisfied with my Cohort-I carrier.  The quality is second to none."
-- Major Carr

Above Photo Courtesy of Joey B. US CornerShot wearing a P2SYS Cohort-I Tactical Armor Carrier

"Here is what I have to say about this vest and I’ve used several:
Operationally, it’s everything I ever wanted and some.. I attribute this to Personal Protective Systems applying the input they get from real operators.  It’s not often you find a company like this that is so proactive when it comes to making their product combat effective. It’s versatility and sturdy construction never ceases to amaze me. Because of that I had no problem mounting all my operational equipment on it with easy access to all of it. Not to mention it is extremely comfortable at the same time giving you maximum coverage for increased survivability in high threat environments. Recently I was injured in the Middle East and am totally convinced that had it not been for this vest the outcome of the injuries I incurred would have been significantly worse. When it came time to move me they were able to easily and completely remove my vest at one time without creating further injuries. I attribute this to PPS’s quick release systems. For this I will be forever thankful for the outstanding construction and functionality of this vest. I’m glad that my search for the best vest on the market has come full circle. I’m equally excited about PPS’s other combat ready equipment and accessories. Remember that these systems are an investment and the price you pay for them is minimal compared to what could happen with a lesser product. Thank you and God Speed."

"I recently purchased your fast mag genII prior to leaving for my second tour to iraq and they are the best thing that ever happend to my flak jacket. Mag changes are fast and easy but best of all retaining a mag is easier than with any other mag pouch i have ever tried. i am with 1st bn 2nd Marines Charlie company and recommend your products to everyone in my bn. now I just have to save up to get your vest. Thanks for the great products."
                                                             -Cpl. Burchfield USMC

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