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OCB - "Orion" Combat Belt

Hard Point Tactical's OCB battle-belt system is a new streamlined version of our OBB, the first belt design of this kind.

This system is a well thought-out and executed piece of kit.  Capable of quickly accepting either 2" belt and/or MOLLE compatible accessories in tandem along its entire perimeter, it offers a simple design with close, form-fitting comfort and solid lockup to our Velcro-lined Inner-Belt.  Can be adjusted from either or both sides.

500D and 400D Cordura construction.

Made in the USA.

General sizing: waist size 36" and above - Large, waist size 36" and below - Medium

Price:  $75.00 (Comes with Raptor buckle as standard)

Availability: Pre-order for next run.  Minimum quantity 25 per order.

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