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"Maniple-I" Tactical Armor Carrier
The Maniple-I offers the best of both worlds--very good coverage as well mobility in the same carrier.  Shorter on the bottom and narrower in the shoulder straps, chest and back panels than the Legion-I, the Maniple-I gives excellent clearance in the upper chest region (for unhindered square-to-target shooting), while at the same time offering more standard MOLLE real-estate and protection than the Velites-I.  The best all-purpose solution for those who do not require either the added protection or increased mobility of our other two carriers.

Will take: soft-armor and/or hard armor plates; and is usable with any combination of these, or none.

Made in USA.

Price:  $375.00

Availability:  Special order item--call or email for details.

Please check with our main distributor OP Tactical for all remaining inventory.   

 *Patents Pending

An intelligent MOLLE arrangement allows for a full single-stack magazine load-out on the main panel, without the need to increase bulk by double-stacking or hassling with an unsecure and time-consuming cummerbund system.

Wide adjustability range, form-fitting contour and wider shoulder straps hold the weight of the unit close to the body (without constricting the wearer's breathing), distribute the load evenly across its contact surface, and securely maintain your equipment in the same place every time, despite whatever vigorous activity you may be engaged in or how quickly you throw it on.

All seams are double-stitched and only the most durable of materials are utilized.

With universal front, rear and side ESAPI/ESABI plate pouches, our own streamlined soft armor panel compartments and available accessories such as integrated slings, the Legion-1 vest is one of the most versatile on the market in that it is equally adept as a tac-vest, plate-carrier, or LBV.

From the no-joke pull handles on all of the opening edges to the semi-quick-release design that can be put back together as quickly as it comes apart (a few seconds) and can't be triggered inadvertently, the Maniple-I vest is definitely a refined piece of kit developed by those who actually have to wear such things every day.

    • Medium (for waist sizes 28-34)
    • Large (for waist sizes 34-40)
    • Extra Large (for waist sizes 40-46)

    Comes in:
    • Coyote
    • OD
    • Black
    • Multicam

    • Integra-Sling
    • Bicep Protectors
    • Ballistic Collar/Yoke
    • Groin Protector
    Check the Armor Specs Section of the Support Library (click on the Support button) for further information.

    Please call or email us with any other specific questions you may have.
    Hardpoint Equipment does the best it can to ensure that everything we sell meets or exceeds the requirements for which it was designed. If, however, a product you have purchased from us fails to satisfy your particular requirements, for any reason, simply return the undamaged item in a timely manner for a full refund.

    The Maniple-I vest carries a durability guarantee of three years. If at any time during this period, the product fails in any way to perform as advertised, your item will be repaired, replaced, exchanged, or a refund issued, depending on the circumstances.

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