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The Manticuda VFK has been developed using the best materials, workmanship and treatments possible in a production knife. The knife’s design was developed, tested, and improved over the last seven years to aid in weapon's retention for those who carry a sidearm.

Price: $275.00

Made in USA

Availability:  Production nearing completion.  Pre-order demand has now exceded pieces available.  Finished knives will be shipped out according to actual order placement. 

Featuring a multi-faceted edge design that gives the user more cutting angles than standard configured knives. These facets act as macro-serrations. The points (where the facets meet) receive the majority of wear, greater preserving the integrity of the edge flats. This design is also easier to sharpen. The blade can simply be drawn strait across the sharpening stone, rod, etc, at one constant angle instead of the sharpener having to hand-compensate for varying radii (which alter this angle)—this requiring more skill to maintain consistency of the edge flat and thus desired sharpness

The knife’s blade also features draw-cut edge angles. Edges are angled into the cut relative to the normal anatomical arrangement of the hand/wrist. This allows normal cutting actions to generate considerably more force into the medium being cut, due to the orientation of the blade to the motion.

The knife features a wide blade design to create large, gaping (i.e. noticeable) wounds to quickly disable someone, as in a weapon retention engagement. The double-edges give the knife twice the cutting perimeter/potential with no unusable/wasted space on the blade periphery. Blade cutouts reduce weight and serves various utility functions such as a Nail Puller, Bottle Opener, or other prying tasks.

The knife features a pistol-grip configuration for supreme driving (thrusting) power into target allowing all force to be loaded directly into the forearm axis via a straight wrist (thus protecting it from “jamming”/dislocation)

The multi-hold handle allows for a Saber-grip, Hammer-grip, Handle down, Handle up, Guard pinch etc.

An integrated Hammer Pommel is concaved for safety/effectiveness. This channels what’s being hammered into the center of the handle (to protect the hand) and allows greater force utilization. This also acts as a thumb ramp/pinky catch for greater comfort and control, especially useful for larger hands

Multiple handle holes reduce weight, provide fingertip positional references, speeds grip transitions (by providing useful “pinch-points”) , and aids traction with the hand

The knife is secured with a Heavy-Duty Nylon Sheath (Kydex soon available as an option). The Kydex sheath will allow for multi-orientation/position capable: Tip up, Tip down, 45 degrees up, 45 degrees down, Tip lateral, Left hand, Right hand. The sheath is also compatible with standard MOLLE mounting systems and will have a belt mount option as well.


Nylon Sheath standard

Multi-Positional Kydex Sheath (Optional coming soon!)
Steel: S30V
Heat-Treat: Paul Bos
Coating: Tungsten DLC
Handle: G10
Edge: Double-Sided, Flat Grind
Overall Length: 6"
Blade Length: 4"
Width: 3.4"

Personal Protective Systems Inc. does the best it can to ensure that everything we sell meets or exceeds the requirements for which it was designed. If, however, a product you have purchased from us fails to satisfy your particular requirements, for any reason, simply return the undamaged item in a timely manner for a full refund.

The Manticuda VFK carries a durability guarantee of five years. If at any time during this period, this product fails in any way to perform as advertised, your item will be repaired, replaced, exchanged, or a refund issued, depending on the circumstances.

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