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MantiCuda Mountain Man
Introducing the new "Mountain Man" version of our uniquely functional MantiCuda series.  Skipping the fancy coatings and focusing instead on grunt-simple functionality has enabled us to now bring you the same super-tough 80CrV2 steel and G10 handles in a package you cannot get anywhere else at a greatly reduced price. Parkerized finish.  

The MantiCuda is a first of its kind, hard-use vertical fist knife with our patented pistol-grip style handle and multifaceted, center-relieved chisel-ground blade.  This style of blade design and orientation offers the greatest amount of cutting efficiency and control due to the way the forces are channeled into both the bone structure of the hand and the medium being cut.  

Unlike traditional push-daggers, though, that project though the fingers and can easily turn in the hand when encountering even the slightest amount of side pressure, the MantiCuda is far more stable and safe, especially when performing difficult tasks, due to its handgun-like configuration.
The dished-out chisel grind of the blade is also the easiest to resharpen.  Simply lay the flat side on a stone or sandpaper and move it back and forth until enough material has been removed to freshen the edge.  Wipe the beveled side on a piece of cardboard or your jeans to remove the wire edge and you are back in action.  With the relief cut in the center, there is far less material removal required as well as less resistance encountered in thicker cutting mediums.
The knife comes with a Parkerized finish and black textured G10 handles.  Kydex sheath also included. 

Each knife is made in Idaho out of US materials, and hand finished.  Custom options are available.  Email us for details.

MSRP: $175 US

Availability: In Stock. Normally ships within 2-3 business days.

Can be purchased here:

Further advantages of the MantiCuda design:

The grip structure of the MantiCuda allows for faster, safer handling. Most conventional knives require a longer draw stroke, or mechanical assistance to reveal the blade. The tip position and and its angle relative to the handle of the MantiCuda allows for the least amount of movement to present it while at the same time offering maximal protection for the hand.  This orientation is superior to any other design for all penetration-related tasks, since the cutting forces are channeled directly into the bone structure of the wrist, rather than requiring muscle strength to counter them.  This greatly reduces the risk of jambs, dislocations or finger slicing (by slipping over the guard onto the blade).

Turn the blade over and you now have a host of other unique cutting options available to you that would not be possible with any other type of knife. One final benefit of this unique shape is that the MantiCuda provides nearly 7" of cutting edge in a knife possessing slightly less than 3" of blade length.

Speaking of cutting, we call the array of angles that make up the blade macro-serrations, each of which acts as an independent mechanism to apply additional leverage into any cutting action. In addition, the newly opened underside of the blade also gives this next-generation knife greater relief (equalling less resistance) as it passes through any cutting medium.  Incorporating these macro-serrations and backside relief cuts into the overall design was virtually impossible to accomplish by standard knife-making processes. This was just one of many challenges that Hard Point had to overcome in order to bring this knife to you.
5-3/4” Overall Length
3" Blade length
6-3/4" Cutting Edge length
3 3/8” Overall Height
3/16" Steel Thickness
7/16” Total Thickness (with handles)
1/2 lbs. Total Weight

Material: 80CrV2 Spring Steel

Heat-Treat: Paul Bos
Finish: Parkerizing

Edge: Hand Ground and Polished

Country of Origin:  Manufactured entirely in the Northwestern United States out of US materials.

1 year limited warranty against any and all manufacturing or material defects.
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