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MantiCuda Minimal
Finally a blade that takes advantage of the body's natural attack responses. The MantiCuda doesn't require years of training to effectively use. Proper employment of a traditional style knife in a real combative situation (especially against a similarly armed attacker) generally demands proper mechanics and split second timing developed through countless hours of practice. The MantiCuda, with its simple and intuitive blade orientation and handle arrangement ends the fight now, with minimal skill required. If you can wrap your fingers around a flat piece of steel and throw a punch, you can use the MantiCuda Minimal. Simply draw and drive.

Unlike traditional push-daggers, though, that project though the fingers and can easily turn in the hand when encountering even the slightest amount of side pressure, the MantiCuda is far more stable and safe, especially when performing difficult tasks, due to its handgun-like configuration.
The dished-out chisel grind of the blade is also the easiest to resharpen.  Simply lay the flat side on a stone or sandpaper and move it back and forth until enough material has been removed to freshen the edge.  Wipe the beveled side on a piece of cardboard or your jeans to remove the wire edge and you are back in action.  With the relief cut in the center, there is far less material removal required as well as less resistance encountered in thicker cutting mediums.

Each knife is made in Idaho out of US materials, and hand finished.  Custom options are available.  Email us for details.

$195 US (with Kydex sheath included).

Availability: Out of Stock.

The MantiCuda Minimal is designed and built for EDC, combative applications and light-utility only.  For hard-use applications, check out our slightly heavier and tougher Mountaineer version:

All legends have an origin story...

It has been a long journey for this family of knives. The first one was built by hand back in 1998 for the originator's mother who wanted something for protection, but was uncomfortable carrying a firearm.  However, the production challenges involved in bringing this unique tool to market in quantity have been simply ridiculous. It took over 15 years, the acquiring of our own CNC equipment and the development of an innovative manufacturing method to finally make it happen.

Designed to drive...

We call the array of angles that make up the blade macro-serrations, each of which acts as an independent mechanism to apply additional leverage into any cutting action. Incorporating these macro-serrations into the overall design was virtually impossible to accomplish by standard knife-making processes. This was just one of many challenges that Hard Point had to overcome in order to bring this knife to you the customer. Other prominent features of the MantiCuda family of knives include the spade-shaped blade and in-line handle. This is an unquestionably  superior design for all penetration related tasks.

If you can make a fist, you can use the MantiCuda. This blade design greatly reduces the force needed, as well as the effort expended to disable an attacker. When in very close proximity to a threat, like may be encountered in a Personal Security Detail (PSD), for instance, the limited distance can negate the use of a firearm or render the use of a standard fixed-blade or folder ineffective (since having to orient the point into a wrist position that allows for powerful stabbing can be quite challenging when that close). The MantiCuda wins on this front every time.

Moreover, the spade blade design, coupled with the macro serrations, allow the cutting surfaces to continuously open the gap wider as it moves through the medium. The newly opened underside of the blade also gives the M2 greater relief (equalling less resistance) as it passes through whatever it may encounter.

Slashing, or diagonal cutting, is the way many standard knives are used. Blades with a rounder belly and a swept tip are typical in the genre of “fighting knife.” The M2 is not left behind here either. The tiny teeth of standard serrated blades can also get hung up during slashing motions. The macro-serrations of the MantiCuda allows for a smooth, almost continuous, cut through even tough materials.

Grip it and rip it…

The grip structure of the M2 allows for easier handling. Most conventional knives require a longer draw stroke, or mechanical assistance to bare the blade. The grip angle and blade position of the MantiCuda Minimal give the user far less movement and greater control. Being a fixed blade negates all potential for mechanical failure. No altered blade positioning for stabs, the wrist angle stays the same throughout the engagement. The M2’s grip and grip angle are optimal for employing a knife.

Hard Point creates equipment with the safety of the user in mind as well. The MantiCuda family’s vertical-fist style grip is designed to keep your wrist and forearm inline. This greatly reduces the risk of jambs, dislocations or finger slicing (by slipping over the guard onto the blade). Having a superior grip structure keeps you from being injured from your equipment. You should never be injured by your equipment.

The MantiCuda Minimal also makes an outstanding light-utility knife, packing roughly 7" of cutting edge into a 3" blade and weighing less than many folders.  With over twenty different ways/positions to carry it with the standard included kydex sheath (and even more options available), the MantiCuda is a great tool for EDC.

(As each knife is hand-finished, all dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly)
6” Overall Length
3" Blade length
7" Cutting Edge length
3 3/8” Overall Height
3/16” Thickness 
1/3 lbs. Total Weight

Material: 80CrV2 steel
Heat-Treat: Paul Bos
Coating: DLC
Edge: Hand Ground and Polished

Country of Origin:  Manufactured entirely in the Northwestern United States out of US materials.


1 year limited warranty against any and all manufacturing or material defects.
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