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"Cohort-I" Tactical Armor Carrier
Too many things in life are more complicated than they need to be. Body armor is no exception. It should provide appropriate protection against the threats you're actually likely to face, fit well and be comfortable, effectively maximize attachment space, be fast and easy to take on and off, as well as be constructed tough enough to reliably withstand the rigors of hard daily use in extreme environments. The Cohort-I vest is designed and built to excel in all of these areas.

Will take: soft-armor, foam pad inserts, and/or hard armor plates; and is usable with any combination of these, or none.

The Cohort-I is the same in every way to the Legion-I except for being 2" shorter on the bottom, in order to facilitate greater clearance for belt-mounted accessories, more maneuverability, less weight and better ventilation.

Made in USA.

Price:  $385.00 (Quantity discounts available)

Availability:  These are specialty items built only in quantities of 25 pieces or greater.  
1 Large in Coyote is currently in-stock

*Patents Pending

An intelligent MOLLE arrangement allows for a full single-stack magazine load-out on the main panel, without the need to increase bulk by double-stacking or hassling with an unsecure and time-consuming cummerbund system.

Wide adjustability range, form-fitting contour and oversize shoulder straps hold the weight of the unit close to the body (without constricting the wearer's breathing), distribute the load evenly across its contact surface, and securely maintain your equipment in the same place every time, despite whatever vigorous activity you may be engaged in or how quickly you throw it on.

All seams are double-stitched and only the most durable of materials are utilized.

With universal front, rear and side ESAPI/ESABI plate pouches, our own streamlined soft armor panel compartments and available accessories such as integrated slings, the Legion-1 vest is one of the most versatile on the market in that it is equally adept as a tac-vest, plate-carrier, or LBV.

From the no-joke pull handles on all of the opening edges to the semi-quick-release design that can be put back together as quickly as it comes apart (a few seconds) and can't be triggered inadvertently, the Cohort-I vest is definitely a refined piece of kit developed by those who actually have to wear such things every day.


    • Medium (for waist sizes 30-36)
    • Large (for waist sizes 36-42)
    • Extra Large (for waist sizes 42-48)

    Comes in:
    • Coyote
    • OD
    • Black
    • Multicam

    • Integra-Sling
    • Bicep Protectors
    • Ballistic Collar/Yoke
    • Groin Protector
    Check the Armor Specs Section of the Support Library (click on the Support button) for further information.

    Please call or email us with any other specific questions you may have.
    Hardpoint Equipment does the best it can to ensure that everything we sell meets or exceeds the requirements for which it was designed. If, however, a product you have purchased from us fails to satisfy your particular requirements, for any reason, simply return the undamaged item in a timely manner for a full refund.

    The Cohort-I vest carries a durability guarantee of three years. If at any time during this period, the product fails in any way to perform as advertised, your item will be repaired, replaced, exchanged, or a refund issued, depending on the circumstances.

    "The vest sold itself once I tried it on."


    "Purchased one of your vests last fall, and love it. All my co-workers laughed when I showed up with purchased, vice provided.. that is till they saw the true versatility of the armor. I love it cause it fits everything i need, and offers extra protection to the sides. I don't even need to fasten it when its go time, I can throw it over my head and it still functions perfectly, but know the quick release from the shoulders can allow me to ditch in a pinch. fitted across the front with 6 quick mags, and a chest cross draw for the pistol, the design of the shoulders makes bearing the weight a breeze. Keep up the good work."



    Cohort-1 Tac Vest T&E
    16 February 2009

    Mike Pannone, Comprehensive Technical and Tactical Solutions

    The Vest was used over a 2 week period while training with Army special Operations troops in the western US. The overall response by soldiers that observed and tried it was positive most notably for:

        • Comfort
        • Simplicity
        • Size
        • Apparent durability (apparent because there was only a 2 week block to evaluate and the vest was not pushed to its failure point.)

    The vest from my perspective blends the best features of a traditional armor carrier and the compactness of a plate carrier. The simple adjustments are not only convenient but add to the durability of the system. Unless the operator is working in a substantially water dominated AO, the vest is exceptionally well suited for combat and security operations.  For waterborne personnel a one pull cutaway may be an option, but I would feel completely comfortable and confident conducting amphibious operations in one.  ( I make that statement having spent the entirety of the first 12 years of service in dedicated amphibious special operations organizations.)

    Some who examined the vest raised concerns that there was not enough area to mount pouches and other items. I disagree with that assumption and have witnessed countless troops of all levels with overloaded vests unable to cross a simple 6 foot wall. Personally I carry all my extra kit (mags, frags, med gear, batteries, water etc.) in a separate CamelBak so I could better scale obstacles and could also leave what equates to a 4 man resupply in case a stay-behind element was utilized. The cut of the vest made it more conducive to unrestricted movement and when used to shoot in awkward positions, for instance through a 2”x6” port 1 foot off the ground or a 6”x6” port at ground level the vest had almost zero effect on my ability to effectively use cover.  

    If an operator is working primarily in and out of vehicles, this is the best production vest I have seen. It would also be exceptionally well suited for support troops that have only a need for the armor and maybe a pouch or two.

     I would use one of these vests in Iraq or Afghanistan without question.

    Mike Pannone

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