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Hardpoint Equipment was recently started by Thomas C.; a former US Marine, certified Tool and Die Maker, CAD/CAM designer, bodyguard, and current Security Operator in the Middle East. With this diverse background and the extensive network of professional expertise he has brought together over the last decade, Hardpoint Equipment has the unique advantage of product developers who are likewise end-users.

Each item we design is done so with the sole purpose of providing a logical solution to a legitimate need. Everything we sell is built to reliably function within the harsh environments hardcore professionals normally find themselves.

There is nothing we carry that we have not personally tested, and desiring to offer complete packages to our valued customers, Hardpoint Equipment is constantly evaluating the most promising current and emerging tactical technologies. Only items that already effectively satisfy crucial operational demands are included in our product line.

Therefore, when you buy anything from Hardpoint Equipment, you can rest assured that it will perform as expected--at the top of its field.

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